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Kim Kardashian Pretends to Krave Privacy

Kim Kardashian kovers the latest issue of Allure, klaiming inside the magazine’s pages that she won’t get married on national television again. The debacle with Kris Humphries “definitely made me want to be more private with my relationship, whenever I choose to get into one again,” Kim said. “I’m not ready but when that time [...]

Kim Kardashian: All Natural in Allure?

The natural position of Kim Kardashian is standing up tall, chest out, on the red carpet of Las Vegas. So we suppose the reality star has a point when she blogs that she appears on this month’s cover of Allure with a “very low-key, natural look!” See what she means here:   Kardashian is supposedly [...]

Kim Kardashian Charges $600,000 Just to Have Her Boring A$$ Show Up Somewhere New Year’s Eve

Kim Kardashian, at the end of the day, is just not that interesting. She’s rich. She has above-average looks and siblings with names also beginning in K. Ray J made love to her and filmed it from numerous angles. She’s dated a lot of professional athletes. She got fake married on TV. You know the [...]

Kardashians Accused of Using Slave Labor to Produce Fashion Lines; Family Denies Allegations

The Kardashians stand accused of using “slave labor” and turning a blind eye to human rights atrocities to produce their multimillion dollar fashion lines. A human rights group is investigating claims that workers in China – as young as 16 – work in squalor to manufacture merchandise for the famous family. The labels in question: [...]

Kim Kardashian on Haiti Trip: NOT About Me!

Kim Kardashian is denying a series of celebrity gossip reports that she attended a fashion show and spent a fortune on herself during her recent visit to Haiti. The star took to her blog to shoot down “malicious” rumors about her trip to the Caribbean country, which was hit by a earthquake in 2010, with [...]

Kim Kardashian: Not Seeking New Fake Husband

Kim Kardashian is kooling it on the dating front for awhile. At Thursday evening’s opening of the Kardashian Khaos boutique at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, the star says she’s remaining upbeat despite a rough 2011. “I’m really thinking that 2011 was a lot of learning lessons,” Kim says of the past [...]

Father of Kris Humphries Threatens to Pen Kim Kardashian Tell-All

Might the manipulative, large-breasted roof soon get blown off DivorceGate? In the latest issue of Life & Style, William Humphries – the father of Kris Humphries and the very brief father-in-law of Kim Kardashian – says he’d “love to write a book” about the ordeal Kim and her family put his son through. “It’s important [...]

Kim Kardashian: Helping in Haiti

Might Kim Kardashian actually be using her fame for the benefit of someone else for a change? Or is her PR team simply orchestrating opportunities to improve her floundering image? The answer is most likely a combination of each, but the facts are these: Kim is currently in Haiti – along with Kris Jenner, designer [...]

Kim Kardashian to Glamour: WAHHHHH!

This is how depressed Kim Kardashian is over her divorce from Kris Humphries: the professional cover girl isn’t even wearing pants in the December issue of Glamour. Indeed, Kim throws herself a major pity party throughout an interview with the magazine, crying over how her belief in “love and the dream of having a perfect [...]

Kim Kardashian, Other Celebs Feed the Homeless for Thanksgiving

Kim Kardashian took time away from counting her divorce money yesterday to help feed the homeless. We must give legitimate props to the reality star, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Zoe Saldana and others for the charitable endeavor, as they served Thanksgiving meals to the those less fortunate on behalf of the Los Angeles Mission.   Kim, [...]